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I have a background in senior management positions in both the public and private health sectors, thirteen years teaching in a nursing college, an undergraduate degree majoring in sociology and industrial psychology, a nursing degree, and an MPhil (Document Analysis and Design). I have associates to assist with large workloads and fields in which their expertise is needed.

For the last 18 years I have been self-employed. My clients have included:

  • the restaurant business, executive development, craft baking, and counselling courses
  • a university needing research written up
  • the public health sector, for whom I have drawn up a multitude of reports, and for whom I have managed two innovative projects and for whom I have coordinated the public private health forum
  • translation services companies for whom I edit translations between Afrikaans and English, mainly in the medical field.

Strict confidentiality and respect for your intellectual property are assured.

Joan Du Plessis

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