How cool is this? More relaxed writing styles

Where were the days when businesses and organisations wrote their communications to the public only in formal, stiff styles, using grammar that was exactly correct.

The world of written communication is becoming more relaxed, for more that one reason.

Firstly, writers recognise that they need to appeal to their audiences. When writing for the youth (think of messages to promote safe sex), one has to relax and use the style of language that will appeal to them: formality turns this audience off.

Secondly, relationships between strangers are, in many countries, becoming more open and informal. It is acceptable now for organisations to adopt a more friendly tone when communicating with their clients. The emails you receive from your bank are likely to address you by your first name (shock and horror, that would never have happened thirty years ago!).

Thirdly, in this era of social media, people are becoming accustomed to communicating with service providers via WhatsApp, Facebook, and similar methods, with writing being done in a bit of a hurry, no time spent on editing, and casual use of grammar.

So, if you are not accustomed to writing, don’t be put off by the fact that you have no formal language training. Write! Communicate with people: they will appreciate the information you provide, and the fact that you reach out to them. Enjoy!

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