Write effective learning material 1: Reaching the learner

The world is shrinking: goods and services are no longer used on a single country only. Online shopping is increasing rapidly.

How do you write advertisements that will appeal to several markets across the globe? And what is more, several markets within a particular country?

Firstly you need to recognise that there are traits in cultures, in spite of globalisation, mass communication by television and movies, travel, and all the other things which spread information. Some groups of people are more reserved and formal, and others more relaxed and informal. Some are very particular about forms of behaviour which to them convey respect: others are casual and find formality tedious. You need to find out what the prevailing culture is in the countries you are targeting. Marketing often needs to be adapted to appeal to different countries, and to avoid offending the readers.

Advertisements aimed at some countries need to be expansive about the product being the best. These advertisements need to be toned down for countries where it is considered impolite to brag, and where a more moderate tone will be better accepted.

A wise marketer will consult with expert communicators to identify the forms of communication which will appeal widely and will not offend.

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