Change and the Wisdom of Dr Spencer Johnson

In 1998 Dr Spencer Johnson, who had headed up research and development institutions, published Who Moved My Cheese? This joined The One Minute Manager, which he co-authored, as a best-seller. It is a short book, a parable about managing change in one’s relationships, work life, health, or any other field that is important to one.

Wow, that book’s truths have never been more real in our current world, where a minute virus, visible only via highly specialised inspection tools, has turned the whole world around. Agreed, the book was written in the good times, before this pandemic which has wreaked havoc on multiple social and economic systems on a scale that Dr Johnson had not experienced. We have all been brought face to face with challenges we could not have anticipated.

Nevertheless, there are people who have changed the way they do things and have succeeded in crafting a new business direction or a new career that is more satisfying than the one previously followed. Such people have done what Dr Johnson promotes: facing your fears and recognising that your fears hold you back from progressing. To quote him, “When you move beyond your fear, you feel free.”

I recommend that we all get hold of this book and benefit from his insights to identify ways to grow ourselves and our businesses.

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